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Like bone density, the scan can also measure the fat content in the body. The measurement is so accurate that it is given in grams. Obesity is a disease affective both men and women, young and old alike. Controlling obesity is a requirement to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and stroke, to name a few.
KKOH : The DEXA Scan
Over weight is a major cause for concern. Excessive body weight can cause disease like diabetes, high B.P, heart attacks and stroke. Obesity is also the major cause for back pain and knee pain. Patients with knee pain and back ache are advised to reduce weight to get relief from pain.

DEXA scan can weight the bone and body fat separately. This helps us to know the exact fat component in the body. Appropriate measures are suggested to reduce the fat content.


Another marvel in modern Orthopaedics. The inside of a joint is viewed using an Arthroscope and a screen. Surgeries are performed through only a stab incision. Recovery is fast and surgery is more precise. At present shoulder and knee Arthroscopies are being done. Majority of the surgical work in these two joints are being done arthroscopically.
KKOH : Arthroscopic Knee Surgery